Shop Local...Toy Local!

 Smarty Pants Educational is independently owned and operated toy store and has been a true gem in Niagara Falls! 
Here are a few ways in which supporting our store makes a ‘big’ difference to your community:

 More of the money you spend stays in your community.  A recent study has shown that of every $100 you spend at a locally-owned business, approximately $45 goes directly back into the community and the local tax base, as compared to $14 from a chain store.

 Local non-profit groups receive far greater support from small locally-owned businesses than from ‘big’ business.

 Locally-owned business often hire people with a better understanding of the products they are selling and take more time to meet customer needs. Independent toy stores pride themselves on providing this level of service!!

 Locally-owned toy stores are owned by people who live in the community and are therefore more invested in the community’s future.

 Small local businesses are the largest employer in our communities, providing the most jobs and keeping people in our communities.

 Independent toy stores are interesting and unique. The more unique and interesting we are as communities the more new neighbours, visitors and tourists we attract. This benefits everyone!

Make us your #1 toy store in Niagara, Ontario, and Canada!

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