Learn from the Masters: Classroom Portrait Pack

By Roylco

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 Teach your students an easy way to draw wonderful portraits! Our system focuses on three elements of portraiture. First, students learn how to correctly position features on the face using our ingenious Golden 'X' tool and a ruler. Once the features are correctly positioned, students learn how to critically look at their subject, and using our step-by-step process, recreate the features on the faces. Finally, students learn more about the original paintings that inspired our blank portraits. The three-in-one system makes it easy for teachers with a limited knowledge of portraiture to teach facial drawing with outstanding results. Includes 72 portrait sheets in 24 different designs, 8" x 11" (22 x 28 cm), 32 card stock rulers and Golden 'X' proportion tools, 48 original painting "trading cards" and complete illustrated instructions and web resources.