Under the Sea Music Camp 4-6yrs Daily

By smartypantseducational


Don't know if we will find Nemo or Dory but we will have a fun-hands on musical experience exploring what goes on Under the Sea! 

This course will involve singing, listening, simple pitched and non-pitched rhythm instruments and movement that will encourage beat competency, pitch strengthening, and some simple dynamics and notation that will be a good beginning for further music instruction. 

Ages: 4-6yrs

Time: 10:30am-11:45am  (without parent)

Date: July 19-22 ( Tuesday-Friday) 

Cost: $100.00 (no tax)

Location: Classes taught by Carol Wright B.A. Vocal in her studio on Dorchester Rd in Niagara Falls. 

You can register by phone @ 905-329-4600 or ONLINE