The President and Mom's Apple Pie

By smartypantseducational

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Sale Picture of The President and Mom's Apple Pie

Just in time for summer celebrations, here is a treat as tasty and American as Mom's apple pie. It's 1909, and the president of the United States is coming to town! The streets are packed with people waiting for a glimpse of jolly President William Howard Taft. But when Taft's train finally pulls into the station, he finds that the cheering crowd pales in comparison to a delicious smell wafting on the summer breeze. 

A boy leads the president on a high-calorie tour through the best comfort foods in town. When Taft himself discovers the source of the aroma, it gives the boy a story to boast about for years to come. 

Michael Garland's vivid, detailed artwork incorporates the nostalgic ingredients of might-have-been history to create this satisfying slice of small-town America.