Music Products

Why is Music Important for Young Children?
Music exposes children to various dynamics as well as an appreciation for music. It improves their listening skills as they identify sound, speed and rhythm within music. 

Young children have less apprehension when moving to music and so therefore will allow themselves to experience music to its fullest. 

Through all of these things you can train a child's musical ear in regard to pitch, rhythm and different time signatures so that when they go to a more formal lesson, music is already part of their whole being.  

It is important when choosing a music program that you are confident that the instructor has music training and has adequate abilities in the area of study so that they can guide your child through to a more formal instruction in music. Music from an early age has many benefits for a life long appreciation of music as well as benefits in education, specifically reading and math. 

"Our daughter loves and enjoys music because of the wonderful music classes she has with Mrs. Carol. Attending music classes has taught our daughter how to focus and listen to various notes in music and to experiment with so many instruments. It is a complete joy listening to her sing all the songs she learns as she goes along her everyday activities. Mrs. Carol has truly enriched our daughter's experience with music by allowing her to have fun all the while providing complete educational music classes. What a stellar program!"

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