Emotions Putty Firm

By Fun and Function


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Color-changing (calming) putty and metallic (energizing) color putty! Emotions Putty takes sensory therapy to a whole new level of fun, strengthens hands, and reduces stress too. Choose Calm Emotions Putty in soft resistance or Energize Emotions Putty in firm resistance. Place Calm Emotions Putty* in the freezer or refrigerator and then watch it change colors as you squeeze it from purple to blue, encouraging kids to manipulate, twist and pull. The cool colors have a soothing effect, and the transformation encourages repeat play. Sparkly, shiny and irresistible, create different shapes or just squish the metallic-colored putty for hours of energizing fun.

  • Emotions Putty helps kids with a “gorilla” grip relax their fingers
  • Free of gluten, casein, latex and soy
  • Made from silicone

3oz container